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Plein Air Painting Diary 2017

Welcome to my plein air painting diary. I love to work out in the elements, it is here I gain my inspiration.

JULY 2017

The old pig sheds by the water mill in late afternoon light.

View over the cliff , Consti hill, Aberystwyth.

Never trust the weather forecast. Painting of a wet Kestrel, painted in the rain! Getting oils onto canvas in the wet is a challenge!

This was my last study of the day on a hot sunny day, running out of water up on the coast path so it was a bit rushed since I was flagging.

More beautiful sunshine:

The light was so beautiful in the early morning back lighting the thistles, I had to attempt a study to try and capture it before heading up the coast path: NEW EXHIBITION ABERDYFI ARTWORKS JUNE JULY 21ST:

JUNE 2017

I've really been enjoying the light this year. I headed up the coast in the hope of seeing the Peregrines. On my first outing whilst I was painting the view, I heard a loud whoosh right behind me. I spun round to see a small tight flock of starlings bein…

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