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Autumn/ Winter 2017-2018 Plein Air Painting Diary

Plein air paintings from this Autumn and through the coming winter! Time to wrap up!
Capturing the Ringed Plovers shadow in the low winter light. 12,16''.

Ringed Plovers. They appeared later this year at my local beach, I'd been looking forward to painting them again. I liked the shine on the wet pebble, which dried pretty fast. 10,12''.

Seascape study, 7,5'', the sea cast in deep dark shadow, it looked more interesting in the shade! The sea here often looks brown as there is a river feeding it. 

Passing pair of Sandwich Terns stopping for a rest, a nice surprise as I'd never seen them before. 8,6'' study.

A change of subject matter, I ventured into the woods to paint the reflections and flowing water, a Squirrel spotted me on its way down the tree trunk and froze a while. 12,16''

Watching the tide come... they'd watch, get wet and run further up the beach then turn to watch the tide come in until they got wet again. 8,6''.

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